We conduct talks, lectures and workshops on accessibility, universal design and other related matters to institutions, relevant authorities, architects, developers and facility managers to have a better understanding the "how" and "why" on the Code of Accessibility in the Built Environment.

In addition, we promote the need for an inclusive environment to ensure the participation of everyone in the community.


Walk-n-Talk Audit

A walk-n-talk audit is a simplified version of an access audit and is usually carried out accompanied by the client. As the walk-n-talk audit takes place the auditor discusses the main positive and negative accessibility features and provide necessary solutions for an inclusive event.

This is especially useful for organisations and event organisers who wish to determine the accessibility of the venue for their event e.g. hotels, open-areas and event halls.



We provide consultancy services for construction or refurbishment projects to ensure that these are accessible and compliant to the Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment. We offer recommendations and solutions that take into consideration constraints of existing designs, structures and space.

Do contact us for more information. Our services are designed to suit the needs and budget of our clients. 


Design Appraisal

We review building plans and provide consultation on the accessibility for new-build projects, refurbishment and upgrading projects as well as maintenance programmes.

We assess the potential usability and accessibility of the finished building, make recommendations for improvements, highlight accessibility features and provide information on accessibility features.

We would be able to involve ourselves in all stages of the design process.