At LevelField Consultants, we advocate and promote the need for an environment that is accessible, safe and inclusive for persons of all ages and abilities.

We aim to improve the level of awareness on the need for a safe and accessible built environment and promote the social inclusion of all in particular people with disabilities and the elderly.


Accessibility in the built environment affects a large number of people within society. In particular, an accessible environment enables people with disabilities and the elderly to be independent and be a part of the community.

Universal Design is a concept that promotes the designing of products and the environment to make it usable by everyone regardless of ability. As a result of universal design, everyone can benefit; people with disabilities, people who are of short or tall stature, parents with prams, the elderly - everyone will have greater access to products as well as the built and external environments.

LevelField Consultants aims to promote the inclusion of all people in all activities.


An accessible environment is the first step towards levelling the playing field and improving the quality of life for all.




1.  Make positive changes by

  • identifying and eliminating barriers and hazards in the built environment.
  • providing design advice and conduct access audits on the built environment.
  • ensuring continued compliance to existing codes and policies.
  1. Educate by
  • providing training on accessibility and universal design.
  • providing advice to users and their families on improvements to their home and work environment so as to enhance their quality of life.
  1. Collaborate and initiate changes by
  • liaising with relevant authorities, institutions and Non-Governmental Organisations to promote an inclusive environment.
  • Working with the relevant agencies to improvestandards on accessibility and universal design.
  • working with other countries to advance the standards and expertise in developing an inclusive built environment and related products.