How to improve accessibility in your home

With the ageing population, there is an increasing need for a friendlier home. As the baby-boomer generation reaches retirement age and beyond, their homes will need to be adapted to meet their changing needs to ensure active aging. 

It is estimated that 4% of Singapore's population have a disability. These people together with their families would also need their homes to be designed to be accessible so as to enhance their quality of life and lifestyle.

As such, LevelField Consultants would like to offer some basic tips when designing your home to ensure improved accessibility and functionality so that everyone; family and friends alike can feel truly comfortable at home.

  • Avoid steps or changes in level within the house, especially at entrances.
  • Provide a clear path from entrance to living, dining, bedroom and bathroom - avoid placing fixed furniture.
  • Have an accessible toilet and shower area at the entry level of the house.
  • Use lever handles for doors - these are easier to use.
  • Install lighting strategically - good lighting enhances security.
  • Install power sockets at a comfortable height - avoid installing sockets under tables or counters.
  • Line up light switches with door handles to help people find the switch more easily.
  • Use contrasting colours to assist people with impaired vision.
  • Use lever faucet for taps & showers.
  • If the house has more than one level, make provision for a lift - to ensure easy conversion when needed.
  • Avoid sharp edges on furniture and cupboards.