What is an access audit?

An access audit examines the built environment and it's connectivity as well as services available to determine ease of use, in particular for people with disabilities and the elderly.

An access audit follows a logical and sequential journey of arrival from entrances, circulation space, vertical access, use of building and facilities to exits. We provide recommendations for improvements to ensure the suitability of the environment, its features and identify any potential physical or operational barriers.


Why is an access audit necessary?

It is important that every effort is made so that your development and the services provided are safe, accessible and usable by everyone. An audit will help identify problems and point you in the right direction to solve them.


How do we do it?

Our screening tool will be used to score your development for Barrier Free Access and Universal Design. You will have two separate scores to see how well your development has scored for each individual assessment. We will also provide you with our recommendations to achieve a more inclusive environment.